Miracle: How It All Shakes Out

Before we went to Korea, I mentioned we had this crazy don’t-know-where-we’ll-be-living-in-a-few-weeks thing going on.  Well, now we know, and this is how it all shakes out.

The skinny: we’re staying in Germany!  And, we’re staying put in our apartment!

The details: A friend of ours gave Doc Sci’s resume to a new professor in town.  And, not just any professor, but one with lots of funding (€€€€€) and no researchers on his team yet.  The field is a bit outside of Doc Sci’s very narrow focus (apparently that’s what happens when you get a PhD).  But, he’s wanted to break into this subject for a while, and this new job is a perfect opportunity to do just that.

After two interviews, Doc Sci was offered and accepted the position.  The job is for 2-3 years with the same or higher pay (not sure exactly since the contract hasn’t been signed yet, but that’s typical for it to be done at the last minute).  The office is five minutes from his old one, and the same distance from our apartment.  The boss is okay with speaking English, and he is willing to let Doc Sci take time out for German courses.

Could we ask for anything more?  Not in this market, no way!

And, then, about the apartment… I mentioned in my previous post that our current home had already been re-rented.  Doc Sci sent an email to inquire about any other openings of furnished units in our city.  This is the reply that we received:

Dear Doc Sci,

It is your happy day. The person Mr. So&So offered the flat has refused the offer and today he wanted to offer it to the next person. Because he hasn´t done that so far we are able to extend your contract.

Please contact Mr. So&So for the extension.

Best regards,

Nice Lady at the International Office*

*names have been changed to protect friendly people with funky Germish language construction

So, there you have it.  We prayed, God answered.  Just not in a way I would have ever expected!  It figures that the only thing I thought I knew for sure was still not for sure.  Only God is for sure, and I think he wanted me to know that.

Though part of me would love to have a place a bit more home-y, I am thankful to not have to move.  My kids are thankful too; they just don’t know it.

And, since we get to stay in the steal-of-a-deal cheap apartment, we will be hitting up IKEA to make this place more like home for the next two years.  Merry (early) Christmas to me!


3 thoughts on “Miracle: How It All Shakes Out

  1. Thats great news!!! So happy for you!!! Let me know if we can send you something from US…to make your apartment more homey…or to eat :))
    I just had an interview yesterday for an amazing job…that I really want!!! So, fingers crossed….hoping I get it…should hear from them in a week or so.
    What is your schedule like nowadays? Maybe we can try and set up another skype date? 🙂 Let me know!

    Congratulations again!!!!!!

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