Like Narnia.

The kids’ Christmas break was wholly disappointing but definitely better than last year.  We had no snow, only cold, dark, dismal rain.  We visited the public pool a few times and had a handful of playdates.  Many of our plans fell through, and we were all very. very. cranky.

So, we jumped at the chance to go sledding on the last day of vacation.  Since it was a holiday, Doc Sci could go as well.  We joined two other families (aka we bummed rides in their cars) for a few hours of sledding in almost-white-out conditions.

View from the top of the sledding run... may as well have been the Arctic.

Only I had gone sledding before.  I married a Florida boy who has seen snow but knows nothing of careening down a hill at top speed on your bum.  We bought a sled last winter but never had a chance to use it.  Thus, the boys had yet to be initiated into the joys of the toboggan.

T-Rex and our crazy-fast sled.

I took T-Rex on the first run.  Poor kid.  He freaked out.  We happened to have picked one of THE fastest sleds and though I totally loved the rush, T-Rex did not.  Unfortunately, this place had no bunny hill.  If we go again, we’ll have to create one so he can get his feet wet gradually.

Screech, on the other hand, finished his first run with the question, “more?”  Sledding seems to be right up his alley.  Though it was seriously cold, he didn’t cry or complain until the snow started really blowing sideways and slamming into his face on the way down the hill.

How could Screech complain, really? I mean he got to sled down the hill and then RIDE up.

We made snow angels, but no snowman or snowball fights.  We were in several inches of pure powder (a skier’s dream) that just refused to stick together.

The best snowball we could come up with.. pathetic.

When the cold got to be too much, we treated ourselves to some seriously over-priced hot chocolate at a nearby restaurant and went home for a nap.

Our corner of Germany has had one of the warmest winters in a long time.  I guess that means it’s unlikely our city will see any more snow this season.  But, I am glad we at least got one day of sledding in and the boys now have another experience under their growing belts.


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