Where To Buy Maternity Clothes in Germany

Source: H&M

I could sum this post up in one sentence: Find a friend in the US to ship American-branded maternity clothes to you.

The clothing situation in Germany for expectant mamas is rather abysmal.  Our city only has two stores carrying maternity clothing.  We had another well-known chain store (Babywalz), but it went out of business.  What IS here is expensive, and selection remains slim pickin’s.

I took to the Toytown Germany forums to see what I could see.  As expected, larger cities such as Munich and Berlin have more than two stores.  And, some of the bigger H&M stores sport a maternity section.   Espirit also apparently also carries Umstandsmode.

By and large though, it’s better to take your chances on the internet.  Both H&M and TopShop (UK) have online shops stocking clothes for the aspiring-to-be-stylish-despite-the-bump mamas.  Shipping is free at TopShop for orders over 75 euro.  At H&M, it’s only 5 euros, and I’ve been told coupons can be found to cover that charge.

US retailers such as Old Navy and Gap now ship overseas.  However, keep in mind that purchases will be subject to customs duties which will be payable on delivery.

I just hate experimenting though.  There’s nothing like ordering 100 euro worth of clothes to find out most of it doesn’t even fit.

Since I know how Old Navy and Target maternity clothes fit me, I find it best to order online, ship to a friend, and have that friend mail them to me as a “gift.”  Technically, it’s a gift of their time to go through all the effort to get them to you, right?

Unfortunately, it really is quite a buzz kill to shop for your pregnant self in Germany.  I’m crossing my fingers that what I have in storage at home and what friends have sent me will get me through.  I think this may be the first time ever I’m desperately hoping NOT to shop.  We’ll see how it all shakes out.

In the meantime, if I come across any other finds, I’ll update this post.  If you know of any other tips, do leave a comment!


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