Make It Yourself: Sports Drink

I haven’t gone for a run since my marathon last year.  I have two excuses: it’s winter (I don’t run in snow and ice), and running with extra baggage is rather exhausting.

So, it follows that I also haven’t needed to make or consume any homemade sports drink in quite some time.  Why am I posting it now?  Because Doc Sci is sick of seeing my sticky note posted in the kitchen with the recipe scrawled on it.  So, I’ll be a nice wife, take it down, and share it with you.

Gatorade IS available in Germany, but it’s hard to find and expensive.  (I believe I have seen Powerade as well.)  I knew that training for a marathon was going to require approximately a swimming pool’s worth of the stuff, and I’d rather spend that kind of cash on traveling.  Like to Korea.

And, not only do you save a bucket load of money, you also eliminate the need to consume artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners when you make your own.

Win, win, eh?

The basic ingredients of a sports drink are simple: you need sugar to replace lost carbohydrates and salt to replace the sodium lost when you sweat.  Orange juice can be added for potassium.

Tons of recipes for sports drinks are littered all over the internet.  This is just the recipe I used.

Homemade Sports Drink

1/2 cup orange juice (I  used concentrate)

9 Tablespoons sugar

3/8 teaspoon table salt

Combine these ingredients in a two liter bottle.  Add water until you have two liters of the mixture.  For best results, refrigerate before consuming.  Fill up your water bottle or fuel belt, and go!

Just a few notes…

If you’d like to vary the taste (I really don’t like orange anything), add flavoring.  I know many people use Kool-Aid (not available in Germany and full of artificial color and flavor anyway).  If I was in the US, I would have used something like Crystal Light Pure.

The only natural kind of flavor I could find here was Soda Stream cranberry-raspberry syrup.  It’s sweetened with fructose and colored naturally.  Apparently you can buy Soda Stream in the US, but I wasn’t able to find any natural syrups for sale there (sorry!).

If you do add flavoring that already has some form of sweetener in it, adjust the level of sugar accordingly.  I found that 9T of sugar was way too sweet for me, and my body craved a bit more salt.  Practice with the sports drink way before any race, and make changes based on your personal preference.

Wearing my fuel belt full of homemade sports drink, here I am stretching before my final marathon training run (22 miles) in front of the Berlin Hauptbahnhof (main train station). In case you're wondering, my boys are the bike trailer, about to see a whole lot of Berlin!

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