Shameless Repost: Alternative Airports for Flying Around Europe on the Cheap

Today Travel ( has an excellent article by Gabrielle Zunde of Budget Travel with an organized and informative list of alternative airports for flying around Europe on the cheap.

I realize my last post was also pointing you to an outside article, but know that I wouldn’t send you anywhere that wasn’t worth my (and therefore your) time.

And speaking of time, these days mine seems to be lavished on thrilling things like expat taxes (more on that to come!), German government forms, visa paperwork, and the like.  This makes me dirt poor when it comes to minutes and hours for fun things like blog posts and Pinterest.

Anyway, back to the article!  Head here for a list of alternative airports for destinations like London, Paris, Munich, Milan, etc.  For each city,  Zunde lists the distance from the alternative airport to the main destination, the best way to get there, the cost, and the names of the budget airlines.

What a great research time saver!

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