Home Improvement: Hallway

I wouldn’t normally consider a hallway of much importance when improving my home.  But, in our flat, we only have one hallway and it’s become something of a multi-purpose area.  It connects all the rooms, doubles as a laundry room (our drying rack often resides there), hosts the only landline phone in the house, and offers the best indoor space for Bobby car racing.

As I mentioned before, I hate plain, white walls, but regulations prevent us from drilling any holes.  I about went bonkers standing there month after month folding load after load of laundry.  Something had to be done.

Lidl to the rescue!  I scored a world map (auf Deutsch) for 3 euro, and picked up some colored tabs to mark where we’ve visited.  (In case curiosity gets the best of you, we purposely didn’t post any tabs on the United States.)  I then printed some of our signature manhole cover shots to “frame” the map.

We invested in a cordless phone, so any calls during naps wouldn’t wake the boys.  Only then did I discover we had caller ID included on our phone line!  This is especially helpful since we do not have an answering machine.  Score!

I also put up a piece of cork board where I posted important phone numbers and the occasional coupon (2 for 1 Burger King kids meals anyone?).

On the other wall, I hung extremely light canvases I found at Depot for 2 and 3 euros (the other canvas was 2 euro at Lidl).

Sound is a major issue in our flat as we have NO carpet.  Often the simple act of closing the door before I take a shower in the morning is enough to wake up T-Rex and Screech.  Doc Sci thought it would help to have some carpet to absorb sound.  As it turns out, he was right.  Such a smarty pants!

Unfortunately, textiles in Germany are extremely expensive.  Our hallway is very long, and we could not afford a rug for the entire length.  Solution?  Duct tape together eight IKEA bathmats, and voila!  A hallway rug.

So, there you go.  Our longest and perhaps most often-ignored room in the house, redone.   Do you have any other ideas of improvements I could make to the hallway?  Leave a comment; I’d love to read it!


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