Home Improvement: Bathroom

When I set out to make some improvements to the bathroom, I was rather discouraged.

Furniture of any kind is expensive in Germany, even the cheap-o particle board stuff.  You really have to stumble across a rare find.  Or hope IKEA carries what you need.  I just so happened to luck out in both areas.

Lidl has closeout sales several times a year.  The warehouse where the sales are held is only a short bike ride away from my flat.  At one of these sales, I came across a tension rod shelf for 5 euros.  I snatched it up and upon arriving home discovered this shelf fit very nicely in the space above the toilet.  It’s now home to paper product storage: toilet paper, paper towels, wet wipes for little bums, tissues, and pull-ups.

When collecting packaging for my hallway Pinterest project, I had the idea to paint old milk and juice cartons for storage on the teeny tiny shelf above the potty.  Though I’m pleased with the outcome, I think these containers could use a little pizzazz.  I just haven’t yet figured out how to add some.  Any ideas for me?  Leave a comment or link below.

For under-the-sink storage, IKEA came to my rescue.  As I was browsing the catalog, I could barely believe my eyes.  IKEA Germany sells a cabinet for only 9 euro!  (Fyi, I looked this up on the IKEA USA website and it sells for $29.99.. I wonder why?)

IKEA also scored more business from me in the form of new hand and body towels.  I love the pop of color that inexpensive towels can provide.  I also purchased a bin to store said towels, so they’re not shoved in our small toiletry cabinet.

So there you have it, a tour of my bathroom.  Don’t say I never share anything personal on Thrifty Travel Mama!


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