Movie Date Night in Germany!

Thrifty Travel Mama | Expat Life - Going To The MoviesDoc Sci and I were given a fabulous Christmas gift from one our friends and this past week, we FINALLY were able to use it.

Ooo oo OOO what was it?

Gift certificates to the big American-style movie theatre in town!!  The package contained vouchers not only for admission but for the concession stand as well.  And that’s not even the best part. This friend offered to babysit for us when we saw the film – for free.

Even if that’s all the box contained, it would’ve been lovely.  But the whole deal including babysitting was just over-the-top awesome.

So every week since the first of January, I’ve checked the showtimes for this particular theatre.  We don’t want to watch anything dubbed in German, and movies in their original version (Originalfassung) are usually only shown once a week.  I also didn’t want to watch just anything, so I held on to my cards – literally – until I found a film worthwhile.

And worthwhile it was!  The Avengers in 3D was a fun flick that gave us an experience we obviously couldn’t have had at home.  The genre is more up Doc Sci’s alley than mine, but I figured with such a high Rotten Tomatoes rating at least I wouldn’t be bored.

Since this was my first time at this theatre, I noticed several things were different than our last visit to the movies.

For starters, the cost.  I think a regular movie (as in not 3D) costs 7,50 euro per person.  This movie cost 11 euro per person.  And, we had to pay for the 3D glasses which brought the total to 25 euro even for two.

3D movie night for two.

One nice thing about this movie theater is the ability to reserve tickets online in advance (you can also purchase them online in advance if you so desire).  Since we had no idea what the demand would be for this film, I reserved our tickets two days before and picked them up the morning of the show since I happened to be in town anyway.  Good thing I picked them up early.  Tickets are only held until 20 minutes before the show, and a considerable line had formed by the time we arrived at the theatre that evening.

Since our gift included virtual cash for snacks, we snagged a large bag of popcorn and two drinks (normal price for this combo – 11,90 euro).  As I mentioned before, German popcorn is made with sugar and no salt.  Since this was a big-time theatre, we had the option of getting sweet or salty.  I’ve tasted the sweet before and sugar + popcorn – salt = no good.  We went for the salty and BOY was it salty.  We sucked down 3/4 of a liter of soda a piece and still couldn’t finish the bag.

Next time I’ll try to shock the socks off the cashier and ask for half sweet, half salty.  Or I’ll just bring my own refreshments.

Neither Coke Zero nor Coke Light – and gross does not describe the nature of the popcorn, just the size.

The film start time was 740pm.  At 745pm, the commercials and previews started… and lasted until 810pm!!  Again, everything was in German, but I expected as much.

What I did not expect was that the only two commercials were for cigarettes!  Both showed how awesome life can be with cigarettes, followed by the obligatory “Smoking can be deadly” message.  Hmmm.

But perhaps oddest of all was the assigned seating.  I had a heads up to this since I checked out the online ticketing option, but I didn’t know for sure until we arrived at the theatre if patrons actually paid attention to their row and seat numbers.  Sure enough, in orderly (German) fashion, everyone took their assigned seats.  Luckily, we ended up in an ideal spot.

After the film, we rode our bikes home like the good Germans we’ve become.  After thanking our friend profusely, we hit the hay and dreamed of how we could fit in perhaps one visit to the movies before the next little traveler arrives.

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