Dashboard Confessional: I Bought a Dryer

So here’s the truth: I’m a spoiled, rotten, American.

And, I happen to live in what could arguably be called the richest country in Europe.

Many families all over the globe do not have a washing machine.  Or clean water.  Or electricity.  Nor could they read this post if it were printed out and placed in front of them.

And here I am, a hoity-toity snob who showers in what most of the world would deem drinking water, tosses expired food that the hungry would gladly eat, and uses a smartphone that was probably made by minimum wage workers in China.

I know all of this, and I often find it difficult to live with these facts.  I do what I can to share what I have (little by Western standards; enormous by the rest of the world’s).  Yet, it’s still hard.

Honestly, I always feel the most guilty when I get something that makes my life easier.  So know that when I tell you I got a dryer, I am not bragging.   And I know I don’t deserve it.

But, we should do our best to make the best of our circumstances whatever they may be, keeping mind they could change at any time.

Here’s where I currently find myself.. About to have baby #3.  And a massive increase in laundry.

It’s not that I mind drying my clothes on a rack.  I really don’t.  I have a schedule for which days to wash which sheets and which days to wash towels, fitting in loads of clothes between the large items.  But there is absolutely no way my neat little system can handle the explosion of newborn clothing.

After research and number crunching, we decided to purchase a condenser dryer (kondenstrockner). It requires no ventilation and can be set up anywhere in the house.  Good thing, since the only space we had was the utility closet.

I ordered the dryer on Amazon.de.  I LOVE this website.  Not only does it have much better prices than the retail stores in my city, but it often includes FREE delivery which is a must for people like me without a car.

Here’s a look at our new workhorse.

Though we took careful note of the dimensions of each potential dryer we considered, we forgot to measure the doorway to the utility closet! Luckily, Doc Sci is not just a theoretical genius. He figured out how to shimmy it in anyway.

Next, he built some IKEA shelving around it for storage. We have the same setup around our washing machine which is located in the kitchen.

Then, I filled up the shelving with pantry goods.

Then it was time to test our new machine. Apparently, he is a basketball fan. (Beko is the dryer brand, and BBL is the German basketball league.)

Here we go!  First things first, load the dryer with wet laundry.

Turn it on. Then run to the internet to help figure out what all the German settings mean. Press start (at least that’s in English).

After the load finishes, remove the lint trap.

Clear the lint out and hand it to your two year-old who thinks dryer lint is the coolest thing. Ever.

And, don’t forget to empty the water reservoir! This type of dryer collects the steam from the clothing and puts the resulting liquid in here. This water can be reused in humidifiers and irons as well as to water plants or hand wash delicates.

After emptying the water, shove the tank (gently) back in underneath the condenser, and you’re ready for another load.


4 thoughts on “Dashboard Confessional: I Bought a Dryer

    • A heat exchanger? I wonder if that is the same as the condenser. The manual to ours recommends cleaning the condenser once/month. Apparently I also have to clean the sensor every three months.

      • It might be, They recommend cleaning it once a month for ours but I have two dogs so I end up cleaning it at least twice. There’s a light that goes on if it needs to be cleaned.

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