Review: Legoland Discovery Center Berlin

Visiting Berlin?  With small children who are still into Legos?  Then I’d definitely recommend an outing to the Legoland Discovery Centre Berlin at Potsdamer Platz.

As I mentioned yesterday, I expected Legoland to be an overpriced waste of time.  Though it was one of the pricier activities on our recent trip, it turned out to be a good value for the amount of time we spent at the facility.

Lego Batman!

Since we’re thrifty around here, let’s first talk price.  At first glance, Legoland Berlin is expensive at 15,95 euros per person for everyone 3 and up.  But, you can get your hot little hands on tickets as low as 7 euros per person if you book online.

Screech was dwarfed by this giant Lego Ninjago warrior.

Tickets for morning entry times are more expensive than tickets for afternoon entry times, because once you’re in Legoland you may stay until closing time if you’d like.  We visited at the earliest time slot available (10am) and paid 18 euros, 9 euros a piece for me and T-Rex (Screech was free).  I expected us to be out of there in two hours, tops.  I finally convinced the boys to leave after four hours!

Girly girls can even find a place at Legoland to be happy – an area devoted to all thinks pastel, pink, and purple.

Though the Legoland Discovery Centre is not a theme park per se, the facility does have two rides.  One is a kiddie “roller coaster” (moves at walking speed) and the other is a tilt-a-whirl type ride.  Children under 4′ 4″ cannot ride without an accompanying adult.  Pregnant women cannot ride at all, so don’t visit when you’re knocked up unless you want some very disappointed and confused children on your hands.  Oops.

Height restrictions for riders.  Pregnant mamas are prohibited.

My boys were too young for the Model Builder Workshop and neither of the boys wanted to wait to see the Lego Factory.  We did make it to the 4D movie, though.  Despite the fact that it was in German, I could mostly understand the plot.  The boys did not want to wear their glasses – surprise, surprise – but the film was short enough to keep their attention.

What would a roller coaster ride be without a souvenir photo?

The best parts of Legoland for my boys, however, were the tables with bins of Legos.  They could build, and build, and build some more.

My boys digging in to the building bins.

Visitors can test out their Lego creations on an earthquake simulator (Screech’s favorite feature) and a race track.  The wheels were being horded by groups of school kids, so we did not get to construct any Lego vehicles.

Screech loved the earthquake machine. He also loved ripping off other children’s creations and throwing them all over the floor. Clean-up is included in the admission price, right?

T-Rex’s favorite attraction was the relatively new Ninjago spinners area.  He was fascinated by the spinning Lego men, and kept going back to build new ones and twirl them on a special surface.

The Ninjago spinners area. Totally rad according to T-Rex.

Legoland Berlin’s website states that outside food and drink is prohibited.  I tried in vain to find out what was served at the Cafe since restaurants in the vicinity of Potsdamer Platz are rather expensive.

Legoland Berlin Cafe.

For anyone who wants to know, hot dogs are the only warm item on the menu.  The rest of the offerings are standard snack fare: pretzels, cake, cookies, candy, drinks (hot and cold), etc.

I happened to bring half of a Dolores burrito with me.  I ate it while the boys played in the jungle gym, and no one said a word.  The cafe also has free Wifi, but I could not get it to work on my phone.

The play gym opposite the cafe.

After four hours, we exited through the gift shop (naturally).  I was able to squeak out of there with allowing each boy one small purchase.  The prices did not seem marked up to me, but beware that toys (especially name-brand ones like Lego) are expensive no matter where you go in Germany.

As long as you book your tickets in advance online and visit with children who are still interested in Legos, the Legoland Discovery Centre can be a fun-filled addition to your Berlin itinerary.

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