Getting My German Driver’s License: The Test

Thrifty Travel Mama | Expat Life - Drivers LicenseAgainst all odds, thanks be to God, both Doc Sci and I passed our written German driver’s license tests!  Whew!  I am so glad that is over.

A little about the test… The written (theory) exam is 30 questions, 90 points total.  The questions range in point value from 2 to 5 according to the seriousness of the question.  In order to pass, one must get at least 80 points.  Less than that, and you’ll find yourself re-taking the exam.

Doc Sci and I used to study.  It was recommended the most among Toytown forum posts, and it utilizes the exact same English questions as the official test.  I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get the precise English translation that will be used for the exam.  Some questions literally make no sense as translated.

Unfortunately, we greatly underestimated the amount of time required to complete all the practice tests.  There are 900 questions in the pool, and though we had studied all of them, it’s hard to remember all 900 at once without taking practice tests.

We both felt we were not ready, so I called to reschedule our exam.  As it turns out, it’s possible to reschedule the test four days prior, but after that, appointments are locked in the system.  Whether you show up or not, you will owe 20,83 euro for your time slot, payable whenever you do actually take the test.

Doc Sci determined that we should study our little non-German-speaking hearts out, and do our best to pass since we would have to pay for the slot anyway.  And study we did. all. weekend. long.

But, we passed!  Hooray!

In order to show the absolute frivolity and hilarity of some of the questions, I’ve posted a few of them below.  I find it rather interesting that Germans have to know things about drugs, the environment, trailers, total mass, etc. that would never appear on an American exam.  So, enjoy!  I’ll post again when I receive my actual Führerschein.

6 thoughts on “Getting My German Driver’s License: The Test

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  5. I am currently living in Germany (Potsdam) working on getting my license! These tips are so helpful! I really appreciate you writing this all out. I went to the Rathaus the other day with all of my paperwork and luckily also didn’t need the first aid course or the eye test OR the translation of my American drivers license! Just showed up with a passport photo, my TN drivers license, and my visa/residence permit. Thanks again for your help!

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