Shameless Repost: London’s Coolest New Attractions

Doc Sci and I in London, 2006.

We’ve been watching the Olympics this week – have you?

The games have been inspiring my boys to make up new sports in their room and inspiring me to dream of traveling again soon.

Ahhhhh, London.  Doc Sci and I were in the British city in 2006 for a missions trip.  We spent two weeks (including Christmas) there and we loved it.  From where we live in Germany now, its possible to fly, drive, or ride a train to London.  We may just have to take the boys there in the not-so-distant future.

And, while visiting London during the Olympics will be impossible for us this year (and probably for most of you reading this), rest assured that this year’s events will leave their mark on the city.

For a list of London’s Coolest New Attractions, visit Travel + Leisure’s website for a slideshow of the latest and greatest.

I’d like to see The Shard and the ArcelorMittal Orbit – what about you?

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