It’s Time

It’s time.. for a lot of things.. for a little of this and a little of that..

It’s time.. for summer holidays.  T-Rex’s kindergarten closed for the summer just last week.  That’s right, in August.  The new kindergarten year begins the first week of September.

It’s time.. to wrap up little projects around the house.  To clean up and clean out.

It’s time.. to have a baby.  Really.  He can’t stay in there forever.

And, finally, it’s time.. to take a break.  A blogging break, that is.  The perfectionist people pleaser in me wants to write up until I’m on the way to the hospital.  But, truth be told, what I’d be writing wouldn’t be any good.  But checking off a box that says I blogged this week isn’t the point.

So, I’m here to say adieu.. for a few weeks, anyway.  I’ll be back to introduce the newest traveler, to write about my hospital experience, and to chronicle what I anticipate will be a hairy ordeal getting this little boy established in our expat world.

Enjoy your summer.  Relax with a sweet tea.  Dust off your passport, and see the world.  Or even just explore the next town over.  The season will be over before you (we) know it.

And when it’s back to school, I hope to be back to blogging.


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