Shameless Repost: Why You Should Quit Your Job and Travel Around the World

Thrifty Travel Mama

Monday mornings suck the life right outta me.  From grocery shopping with a cranky baby to figuring out where to stash the stuff in my Barbie kitchen, by 10am I’m already beat.  At least I have one thing to look forward to: Simple Mom weekend links.  Though Tsh publishes these posts on Sundays, by the time I get them, it’s no longer the weekend.

No matter.  I love seeing what kind of thought-provoking, inspirational, and downright hilarious links she’s got in store.  One from this past weekend begged an instant click-and-read.  Just thought I’d pass along Why You Should Quit Your Job and Travel Around the World.

Though the post is a few years old and despite the fact that I can’t quit my job (I’m a mama, hello), it’s a fantastic read.  I am not as traveled as Chris Guillebeau (again, kids), but I often hear the same objections as to why people don’t travel…

  • “I don’t have money to travel.”
  • “The rest of the world is dangerous.”
  • “I like staying at home.”
  • “I’ll do this kind of stuff when I retire…”

To see Chris’s responses to these objections and to read the complete post, click here.

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