Disposable Baby Diapers in Germany

Thrifty Travel Mama | Expat Life - DiapersSeveral weeks ago, I gave you a snapshot of the options for jarred baby food in Germany.  But eventually all that food is going to come out the other end, and you might want to be in the know about what kind of products we have here to cover your (baby’s) bum.

In short, the two main disposable diaper options in Germany are Pampers and generic store brands.  I have never seen Huggies diapers (only a strange, stray box of DRY wipes), nor do we have Luvs or Seventh Generation.IMG_0107 copyThe diapers are sized similarly, but the weight ranges are in kilograms.  Whatever US diaper size your baby wears (1,2,3,4,5,6) will most likely be the same in Germany.  IMG_0101 copyIMG_0102 copyIMG_0103 copyIMG_0099 copyIMG_0106 copyAs for cost, I did a quick comparison of the German Pampers prices with the American Pampers prices on diapers.com, no sales or coupons.  When you convert euros to dollars, the diapers work out to be about the same price in both countries.

If you’re looking to save some money, the generic disposable diapers at dm are actually of decent quality.  Grocery stores like Lidl and Aldi also sell store brand diapers, but I would only use these in a pinch except for the Lidl pullups which are similar in quality to the dm ones.IMG_0100 copyWe used Pampers diapers for all three boys (including Big Foot who was born here in Germany) when they were newborns, and then switched to generic diapers once they hit size 3 (except for when we used cloth diapers which I really, really miss).  On any given day, you can find dm diapers on Big Foot’s bum, and we have personally used the dm pullups as well.  IMG_0093 copyIMG_0095 copyIMG_0096 copySpeaking of pullups, the options for underwear-style diapers are the dm ones I mentioned and Pampers Easy-Ups.  For older children, DryNites are also available.IMG_0098 copyIMG_0091 copyIMG_0105 copyFor those that want to go a more environmentally friendly route, dm also sells chlorine-free diapers.  They are cheaper than Pampers and a little more expensive than the generic dm brand.IMG_0109 copyAnd, for summer and trips to the pool, dm sells their own brand of swim diapers.  I haven’t seen any Pampers swim diapers, but they may be lurking in large grocery stores that I rarely visit.IMG_0097 copyThough we have less choice than in America, I think this actually makes diapering decisions easier.  I’ll take three decent options over fifteen mediocre ones any day.

Have you tried disposable diapers in Germany or elsewhere outside the US?  What was your experience?Signature-Marigold

6 thoughts on “Disposable Baby Diapers in Germany

  1. Hi! My name is Lena and my family and I will be traveling next spring and driving from Amsterdam to Denmark through Germany. The last time we traveled to DK with an infant the diapers were SO expensive! We were planning on packing enough for the whole trip this time, as we will be out of the US for about 1 month. I had a question about the chlorine free diapers for .16 each for size 2. Are they still about that same price? I realize this blog was over 1 year ago. If it is still a comparable price, could you tell me where you purchased them? When we were in DK we did end up shopping at a lidl but the diapers were over .30 apiece and that was the best deal we could find. We will be traveling with a 4 yr a 2 yr and a 4 month old. We are hoping to drive through Hamburg. A response would be FABULOUS!

    • Hi Lena,
      This post is using prices from dm (a common drugstore in Germany) which is probably about the best you’ll get. I will try to check the price for you, but I might not get there until next week. When is your trip?

    • Hi again,
      I checked today for you. The 4-9kg chlorine-free diapers are .162 each. The 7-18kg chlorine-free diapers are .175 each. I did not see size 2 chlorine-free diapers at my dm today. The cheapest size 2 (3-6kg) are the babylove dm brand. A small package costs .111 each diaper. I didn’t see any bigger boxes in size 2, but if you can get a big box, sometimes they are a bit cheaper (and sometimes it’s just a bigger package, but the same price each).
      I hope that helps 🙂

      • Thank you so much! We’re not traveling until April but with 3 little ones we are trying to check only 2 large suitcases for 1 month of travel. Not packing half a suitcase full of diapers would be very helpful! I really appreciate you looking for me!
        Thanks again!

      • High five for aiming to pack light! I definitely think you can do it. And for sure, buy your diapers here. They’re not Costco prices, but they’re some of the best prices I’ve seen in Europe.

  2. I will be going to Germany for two weeks and currently use pampers dry size 4. Are the prices a lot more there? And are the sizes the same

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