Supermarket Souvenirs – Germany

Thrifty Travel Mama | Supermarket Souvenirs - GermanyI’m so excited to bring you a new series here on Thrifty Travel Mama called Supermarket Souvenirs!  My favorite finds in a new location are usually edible.  It’s always an adventure to try new snack foods, sweets, specialty items.

You can save loads of money by buying where and what the locals do instead of dropping your precious travel dollars into tourist traps.  Plus, isn’t it more exciting to give and receive a little piece of the travel experience rather than a cheesy shot glass or t-shirt?

The first post in this Supermarket Souvenir series will be a little peek into Germany’s snacks and sweets found in most grocery stores.  If you’re looking for beer or sausage, leave a comment below and use your best pretty please.  I may cover those items in a future post!  For now, chocolate fans, charge on…

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyEveryone has heard of Nutella, right?  But, did you know that Nutella tastes different depending on the country where it was made?  I’ve learned from a very reliable source that the Nutella in England is distinctively more hazelnut-y and the Nutella in Germany is heavier on the chocolate.  Want to know how the German version stacks up to the American version?  Find out here.

Don’t like the hazelnut tones in Nutella?  Try a different spread.  The chocolate cream above is practically frosting in a jar.  Some stores carry a chocolate and caramel swirly spread.

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyNot into chocolate for breakfast?  Taste test this caramel spread.  I bet the kids back home aren’t slathering this on their morning toast!

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyGermany has some excellent neighbors, the Dutch in particular.  You can pick up boxes of amazing cocoa powder in German grocery stores.

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyAnd many food shops here also carry stroopwaffels (also known as siroopwaffels), another delight from Holland.  Contrary to the “brand” these caramel treats have nothing to do with Florence, or Italy for that matter!

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyStracciatella, on the other hand, is totally Italian.  And the Germans love stracciatella (chocolate chip-ish) yogurt.  You won’t be able to stash this in your suitcase, but you can enjoy a cup on the way to catch your train.

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanySomething else you most likely (and sadly) cannot take home is a one-and-a-half liter of Dr Pepper made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.  If you’re a Dr Pepper lover from Texas, you probably know and love Dublin Dr Pepper.  This is very similar – and really, really good.

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyThe Coca Cola (including Vanilla Coke and Cherry Coke) here in Germany is also made with sugar.  Once you go sugar, you never go back!  These little half-liters are more likely to hitch a ride in your dirty laundry and hop the pond back home.

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanySpeaking of sugar, the ketchup in Germany is not made with high fructose corn syrup.  It’s a subtle flavor difference, and ketchup connoisseurs usually side with sugar.  Want to take that currywurst sausage taste home with you?  Pick up a bottle of Heinz Curry Ketchup.

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyWhile you’re at it, chug a German soda with that sausage.  Pick up a bottle of Schwip Schwap (or Mezzo Mix) at any grocery store.  It’s a mix of cola and orange soda – weird, but worth a try.

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyNeed some snacks to round out your taste testing?  These flips are funky enough to schlep home and pass around.  The experience is hard to describe, but let’s go with savory peanut butter Cheeto puff (no cheese).

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyNo discussion of Supermarket Souvenirs in Germany would be complete without a handy dandy guide to chocolate.  Milka is well-known (and sometimes even available in the US).  My favorites are the varieties containing Oreos or Daim.  However, the absolute best Milka bar is the Triolade.  It’s only available in a big brick, but it’s worth the space in your carry-on.  The combination of milk, white, and dark chocolate is a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyLess well-known is Ritter Sport chocolate.  It’s a nerd’s delight.  The tag line for this chocolate can be translated as, “square, practical, good.”  The square design was an attempt to make sure this chocolate could fit into anyone’s sport jacket pocket.  I have a soft spot in my heart (and my stomach) for the yogurt (Joghurt) variety.

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyIf you’re visiting Germany around Easter, pick up these Milka eggs for the folks at home.  Or, crack one open during a flight delay for an instant pick-me-up.  They come in an adorable little purple egg carton with teensy purple spoons.  The idea is to crack open the chocolate egg and spoon the creamy filling out.  Delish.

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyEven if you don’t visit Germany around Easter, you still can grab some Kinder eggs for the kiddos.  Just package them carefully because these eggs are not as exciting when crushed.  Inside the chocolate egg is a little toy surprise!

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyNeed something more hearty to withstand your horrendous packing job?  Kinder also makes chocolate bars for kids.  They are apparently “high in calcium.”  Right… Marketing genius.

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyLike chocolate but want something more unique?  Most grocery stores in Germany carry Swiss cookies.  They’re fancy and full of scrumptious Swiss chocolate.

Thrifty Travel Mama Supermarket Souvenirs GermanyChocolate not your thing?  Go nuts in the Haribo aisle instead.  Germans love gummy candy, so take your time picking out the craziest ones for the co-workers.  I highly recommend the Sweet Mice.

That’ll do it for today’s edition of Supermarket Souvenirs – Germany.  Stay tuned for Supermarket Souvenirs – Belgium and The Netherlands!

What have you bought at grocery stores in Germany to take home as a souvenir?

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