Thrifty Travel Mama Now on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Thrifty Travel Mama Social MediaKicking and screaming the whole darn way, I finally signed TTM up for Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I know I’m rather late for the Facebook train, and I would let the whole thing pass me by if it weren’t for my expat status and my desire to keep up with friends and family back home.  I hope you’ll hold my hand and stay with me while I try to avoid being squashed by the social media wave.

I’m not new to Pinterest, so if you haven’t started following my pins, you’ll definitely want to jump on the bandwagon.  Find loads of practical tips for all kinds of travel as well as fun travel-themed projects, DIY ideas, and gorgeous photos of dream destinations all over the world.

So, I won’t beg you to like me or follow me around the internet, but if you do like and follow this blog anyway, show your love with a click on the thumbs up.

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