Ever Wondered Where Exactly in Germany I Live? Click to Find Out!

Thrifty Travel Mama | Expats Blog Contest 2013 - Vote for Germany!!If you’ve been following along here at Thrifty Travel Mama, you’ve probably noticed that I keep the personal details… sketchy.

Even though I’m an introvert at heart, I love meeting new people and making connections.  The internet is perfect for people like me, and I’ve built a really fun group of online friends over the past few years from those who have taken a moment to leave a comment, say hi, and strike up a conversation.  I really dig that.

But then there’s the darker side of the internet.  Weirdos and high school reunion stalkers aside, I feel very strange putting all of our family’s personal information “out there.”  I’m sure every family that blogs has waded through this issue.

I’m also quite sensitive to the fact that my kids aren’t old enough to have a say in whether their faces and names are plastered on my posts or not.  This is the reason for the funky nicknames that they have really outgrown.  Any thoughts on new aliases for this spunky bunch of boys? 

I’ve also kept mum on where exactly in Germany I live… although if you’ve read many of the posts and have a decent handle on geography, it wouldn’t be hard to narrow it down.

However, when I saw the topic of this year’s Expat Blog contest, I couldn’t keep quiet any longer.  Our little city is special, unique, and I’m convinced it is absolutely the best place in Germany for traveling families to call home.

So…. I KNOW you wanna know, but nothing comes for free (right?!), and so in exchange for this knowledge, I have a favor to ask.

I’ve written an essay as part of the 2013 Expat Blog contest, and I’m asking you dear reader friend to pretty please leave a comment on my revealing entry. Just click on the badge below to find your way to the answer!
Expat Blog Awards 2013 Contest EntryI really appreciated the reader turnout in Wanderlust Marriage’s recipe contest several months ago, and I would be thrilled to have you carry on the comment love.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click on over to my entry in the Expat Blogs 2013 Contest
  • Write a thoughtful comment (10 words minimum!! sorry, their rules, not mine..)
  • Check your email.  If you’re a first-time commenter at Expats Blog, please note you will be sent an email to verify your address and comment.  Check your spam folder if necessary!
  • Read the other German expat blog entries and follow steps 2-3.  The country with the most comments wins!
  • Contest concludes: 20 December 2013, 21:00 GMT

I hope you enjoy the piece I’ve written – and, as always, thanks for your support!

And now, back to our excellent Expat Christmas series!

p.s. – If you’ve also got an entry in the Expat Blog contest, leave a comment here with a link to your essay, and I’ll be happy to comment on yours as well!Signature-Marigold

6 thoughts on “Ever Wondered Where Exactly in Germany I Live? Click to Find Out!

  1. Just commented on your piece.. LOVVEEEE!
    No ideas from nick names for me I am afraid I suck at those things.
    PS: I had no idea that the country with the most votes wins… I am the lone CRoatian entrant. I feel cheated already 😦

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