Peaceful Paris: A Morning at Château de Vincennes with Kids

Thrifty Travel Mama | Peaceful Paris: A Morning at Château de Vincennes with KidsAfter a rather frustrating week where it seemed our plans were thwarted by gobs of tourists at nearly every turn, we finally found our stride outside Paris at the Château de Vincennes.

Why didn’t we trek out to Versailles instead?

Well, other than the aforementioned hordes of holiday travelers, Versailles in winter is mediocre at best. The musical fountains are turned off, many statues are covered, and bike rentals are impossible.

Perhaps if the palace grounds had been crowned with a fresh layer of fluffy snowflakes, I might’ve felt differently.Thrifty Travel Mama | Peaceful Paris: A Morning at Château de Vincennes with Kids

The lesser known Château de Vincennes guards the town of the same name to the east of Paris. From the castle’s website..

Dating back to the 12th century, a little before the Louvre, Vincennes is one of the few castles which, from the Middle Ages to our time, has consistently found itself at the centre of French History.

Now that the City of Light is a sprawling metropolis, Vincennes is a mere suburb easily reached by metro, RER, or bus. Bonus: our apartment was within walking distance.

When taking the kiddos to the castle, check out the Donjon, the enceinte, and the Sainte-Chapelle before letting them roam around.  But, keep off the grass – this is France, of course.Thrifty Travel Mama | Peaceful Paris: A Morning at Château de Vincennes with Kids

The Donjon & the Enceinte

The Donjon (an eclectic mix of Don Juan and dungeon?) happens to be the highest medieval fortified structure in Europe.. which says a lot when one considers the sheer amount of castles on this continent.

Home of the royal family, the fortress was kept safe by incredibly thick walls (the enceinte) and a deep moat. More on the history and architecture of the donjon can be found here.

The enceinte, or fortified wall, impressed my boys immediately. More than a kilometer in length, the wall is armed with nine towers and a moat nearly as large as an Olympic swimming pool.

Practical Tip: The only restrooms at Château de Vincennes are located inside the Donjon, and visitors are required to purchase a ticket. Thrifty Travel Mama | Peaceful Paris: A Morning at Château de Vincennes with Kids

The Sainte-Chapelle

Started in the 14th century, the Sainte-Chapelle of Vincennes (see first photo in this post) is an elaborate Gothic chapel, albeit smaller than the more famous Paris version.

At one time, it housed the crown of thorns relics. The interior was destroyed during the French Revolution but has since been restored. For further reading on the history of the holy chapel, click here.

The Gift Shop

Okay, okay, you want find the Château de Vincennes gift shop on any list of French national treasures. But, I actually enjoyed browsing the wares here. Compared to the rest of Paris, prices weren’t astronomical and the selection of goods was exceptional.

Doc Sci ended up with a small yet sturdy knight’s helmet, and the boys both picked out medieval action figures.

Parc Floral de Paris

With purchases pocketed, we went once more around the perimeter of the castle before heading back to the apartment. Along the way, we discovered the gigantic sign for Parc Floral de Paris which lies just beyond the château.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to explore the park (which I hear has an excellent playground for kids), but we did have a little fun with our cameras.Thrifty Travel Mama | Peaceful Paris: A Morning at Château de Vincennes with KidsThrifty Travel Mama | Peaceful Paris: A Morning at Château de Vincennes with Kids

Thrifty Travel Mama | Peaceful Paris: A Morning at Château de Vincennes with KidsThe Verdict

After nearly suffocating from the sheer mass of people all week, our morning at the Château de Vincennes was a breath of clean forest air. We all needed a bit of quiet and a lot of space to stretch out, and a walk to the castle was an ideal ending to our last day in Paris.

I’m sorry to say that before our time at Château de Vincennes, I had never even heard of the place. I’d love to know – have you heard of or visited this castle before?

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13 thoughts on “Peaceful Paris: A Morning at Château de Vincennes with Kids

  1. Château de Vincennes & the Park are part of my favourites…it is, as you say, a wonderful way to get away from the crowd which is important when you live in Paris. I also enjoy going to Fontainebleau – another beautiful castle easily reachable by suburb train and it doesn’t get hordes of tourists…lovely place. (Suzanne)

  2. Ha, so that’s your guys threatening to pee on the doorstep if they don’t let you use the toilet without paying for everyone’s entry? (Just kidding. But it was a nice segue. 🙂 ) It is sneaky, though.

    Absolutely beautiful pics of the castle, although I think my favourite is the action figures 🙂 .

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