Is Croatia Kid-Friendly? My Thoughts + 3 Ideas for Tiny Travelers

Thrifty Travel Mama | Is Croatia Kid-Friendly?Whew! In just two weeks, I gave you the best highlights from our family trip to the Dalmatian Coast. I hope you enjoyed being along for the ride!

Today, I want to share my thoughts on whether or not Croatia is kid-friendly. I’m honored to be guest posting over on SJ’s blog, Chasing the Donkey, so please click on over to read the full post here.

If you’re just joining us, this post is part of Our Croatian Family Adventure: Ten Days on the Dalmatian Coast series.  Click on the link to view our bucket list and recaps of each excursion!

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16 thoughts on “Is Croatia Kid-Friendly? My Thoughts + 3 Ideas for Tiny Travelers

  1. That’s the thing, what is child friendly? To me the most important thing is the attitude of the local people, that children are welcome. The rest can make life easier 😉 and can have an impact on how long I’d like to stay somewhere but is otherwise not so important (you know, one can change a baby on the lap/ bed, it can sleep next to me in a bed if there are no cots, if it is not very safe I can take a bit of super supervision but most likely won’t stay so long that I am only stressed…). Good information though!

    • I couldn’t agree more. For us, if it’s safe (as in, not a war zone), and kids are welcome, then we can just adjust. But then, it’s a parenting mindset, really, isn’t it? If things have to be perfect for the kids, the parents won’t be happy anywhere but Disney :). If the parents are go with the flow and interested in experiencing the culture even if it’s uncomfortable or not what they’re used to, then the whole world opens up with possibility for traveling and exploring.

    • YES! This is exactly what I thought when I read this awesome post. So it got me thinking to write a post about each of the points that other people see as being ‘kid-friendly’. I asked a bunch of moms and will post the article soon.

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