Expats Move Home: What America Does Better

Now that I’ve revealed all the things I miss about living in Deutschland, it’s time to confess that our time in Germany was not all natural beauty, biergartens, and brezeln. In no particular order (because that just takes too much … Continue reading

The Reluctant Homeschool: Our Educational Journey Thus Far

I spilled the beans in a previous post that we’ve become educational outliers – we do school at home now. Even before I became a homeschooling mama (reluctantly, as the title reveals), I was intrigued by the educational choices of … Continue reading

Tongue Tied: Notes on Becoming Bilingual as an Adult

Why, hello there. Didn’t think you’d see me ’round these parts again, did you? It has been a long time. And I’ve played out this reunion in my head many times. Has there been too much space and distance? Well, … Continue reading

Expat Life in Germany

Marvels Miracles Mishaps Buying a Car Car Seat Safety Taxes Diapers Baby Food Pregnancy & Birth Drivers License Trash Talk Rosetta Stone Learning the Language Kindergarten American Groceries Coupons & Sales Searching for Deals Holidays Well Baby Visits Homeschooling Parental … Continue reading

Visiting the Kinderkookkafé in Amsterdam

I live with a five year-old aspiring chef.  T-Rex constantly asks me if he can help cook dinner, bake a cake, make pizza, etc.  His kindergarten allows children to prepare a meal every Wednesday for the whole class, and it’s … Continue reading