Cheesy Fun at the Luxlait Vitarium Milk Museum in Luxembourg

Have you ever met an internet friend in person?  Back in the iffy days (as in over ten years ago in the dark ages when Facebook didn’t exist and you couldn’t just look up about anyone on the planet), I … Continue reading

Snapshot: Luxembourg with Kids

I’ve long wanted to go on a BeNeLux trip, and the week before Easter I finally did it! In a nutshell, the BeNeLux countries were beautiful, the food amazing, the weather freezing, and the itinerary exhausting.  We had three (three!!) … Continue reading

Ketchup: The Past Four Months + the Future in 1000 Words (or More)

So now that I’m back in the saddle, I thought I’d try to close the distance between where I left you and where we are now. I’d like (you) to think I’ve been nothing but a good student for the … Continue reading

Delightful (Cheap) Diversions for Kids in Paris

Paris is an adult city in many ways. I know plenty of children live and play there, but even the youngest French citizens just seem so civilized and classy. Maybe it’s all the berets and trench coats, expensive cafes and … Continue reading

The Absolute Best Thing Our Family Did in Paris.. This Time Around

Photo Credit Ahh, Paris. Gorgeous, amazing, one-of-a-kind, and yet.. overdone. Doesn’t everybody have a Top 10 Things to Do in Paris (with Kids) list? I can’t bring myself to write anything so run-of-the-mill for you. But, even if I could, … Continue reading

Where We’ve Been… Since 2010

Cinque Terre Seoul Brugge Florence Swiss Alps Brussels Lucca Rothenburg Antwerp San Gimignano Koenigssee Amsterdam Siena Berchtesgaden Keukenhof Pisa Zurich (Jucker Farm) Mainau Tuscan Hill Towns Jeju Island Bulgaria Milan Luxembourg Hamburg Berlin Prague Konstanz Strasbourg Karlovy Vary Basel Colmar … Continue reading

Marvel: Homeschooling in Germany – Illegal!

Can you believe it?  Educating children at home in Germany is illegal!  And I don’t mean illegal as in it’s illegal to operate a dance hall on a Sunday in South Carolina.  No siree, trying to homeschool your kids in … Continue reading