Delightful (Cheap) Diversions for Kids in Paris

Paris is an adult city in many ways. I know plenty of children live and play there, but even the youngest French citizens just seem so civilized and classy. Maybe it’s all the berets and trench coats, expensive cafes and … Continue reading

Peaceful Paris: A Morning at Château de Vincennes with Kids

After a rather frustrating week where it seemed our plans were thwarted by gobs of tourists at nearly every turn, we finally found our stride outside Paris at the Château de Vincennes. Why didn’t we trek out to Versailles instead? … Continue reading

The Absolute Best Thing Our Family Did in Paris.. This Time Around

Photo Credit Ahh, Paris. Gorgeous, amazing, one-of-a-kind, and yet.. overdone. Doesn’t everybody have a Top 10 Things to Do in Paris (with Kids) list? I can’t bring myself to write anything so run-of-the-mill for you. But, even if I could, … Continue reading

Turkish Family Travels: Exploring Istanbul from Underground

This post appears as part of our Turkish Family Travel Adventure series, chronicling a fun fall fling in the city of Istanbul. There are so, so many ways to explore a city. Strolling “ordinary” neighborhoods, attempting public transportation, cooking native … Continue reading

Expats Move Home: Is Getting Groceries Easier in America?

Grocery shopping – it’s either a mundane chore or an obsessive activity depending on who shares your shack. If you only cook for one or two, restocking the fridge may be an afterthought or even an annoyance. But for those … Continue reading

Snapshot: Alone in Dresden..with Kids – Part 1

Let’s pause the struggles of reverse culture shock for a moment and focus on a completely different kind of struggle – traveling alone with kids! If you’re like me, travel is your drug, and your eyes are always searching for … Continue reading