Expats Move Home: Saying Goodbye, Leaving Well, + Sweetening the Sorrow

Today, in our current Expats Move Home series, I’m covering the painful but universal experience of saying goodbye. Grab the Kleenex! Friends, family, family friends, friends as close as family – saying goodbye to any and all of these dear … Continue reading

Expats Move Home: Is Getting Groceries Easier in America?

Grocery shopping – it’s either a mundane chore or an obsessive activity depending on who shares your shack. If you only cook for one or two, restocking the fridge may be an afterthought or even an annoyance. But for those … Continue reading

Snapshot: Alone in Dresden..with Kids – Part 1

Let’s pause the struggles of reverse culture shock for a moment and focus on a completely different kind of struggle – traveling alone with kids! If you’re like me, travel is your drug, and your eyes are always searching for … Continue reading

The Reluctant Homeschool: Our Educational Journey Thus Far

I spilled the beans in a previous post that we’ve become educational outliers – we do school at home now. Even before I became a homeschooling mama (reluctantly, as the title reveals), I was intrigued by the educational choices of … Continue reading