Schilthorn – The Swiss Alps… with Kids! (Part II)

This post contains Part II of our day trip to the Swiss Alps.  Click here for Part I. Where were we?  Oh, right, gazing at the top of Europe! We spent about 2 1/2 hours at the Schilthorn summit before … Continue reading

Schilthorn – The Swiss Alps… with Kids! (Part I)

Note: This post is rather long winded.  I thought a minute or twenty about whether to just post pictures or to release an avalanche of words with aforementioned photos.  Since my hope is to inspire others to travel the world … Continue reading

Mt. Pilatus – More Swiss Alps… with Kids!

Our romp through Switzerland continues today with an outing to Luzern (or Lucerne, if you prefer). The infamous lake of the same name is guarded by two intimidating peaks – Rigi to the east and Pilatus to the south. Both … Continue reading

A Budget-Friendly Swiss Family Hike in the Clouds

Somewhere along the way we became that hiking family. You know, the ones with seriously ugly boots and those weird zip-off pants. I shudder to admit this, but I now consider SPF protection and water resistance rather than style when … Continue reading

Ketchup: The Past Four Months + the Future in 1000 Words (or More)

So now that I’m back in the saddle, I thought I’d try to close the distance between where I left you and where we are now. I’d like (you) to think I’ve been nothing but a good student for the … Continue reading

Jucker Farm: Pumpkin Heaven… in Switzerland!

Let’s take a little quiz…  You might be an American if: You count down the days until Starbucks starts serving pumpkin spice lattes again. Apples are a side note, and pumpkins are the star of your fall baking line up. … Continue reading