Jucker Farm: Pumpkin Heaven… in Switzerland!

Let’s take a little quiz…  You might be an American if: You count down the days until Starbucks starts serving pumpkin spice lattes again. Apples are a side note, and pumpkins are the star of your fall baking line up. … Continue reading

Our Unforgettable 10th Anniversary Swiss Getaway

The last time Doc Sci and I had the chance to escape alone, Charlie was still swimming in my stomach. We went to Milan for one warm, delicious day (the little one must have liked it because we ended up … Continue reading

Mt. Pilatus – More Swiss Alps… with Kids!

Our romp through Switzerland continues today with an outing to Luzern (or Lucerne, if you prefer). The infamous lake of the same name is guarded by two intimidating peaks – Rigi to the east and Pilatus to the south. Both … Continue reading

A Budget-Friendly Swiss Family Hike in the Clouds

Somewhere along the way we became that hiking family. You know, the ones with seriously ugly boots and those weird zip-off pants. I shudder to admit this, but I now consider SPF protection and water resistance rather than style when … Continue reading

Conquering Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro. Say it. It sounds… exotic, feisty, mysterious.. even dangerous. These qualities (obviously) mean I should add it to my list of places to go with three young children, right? Wait, are we nuts?! Probably. I know there are other … Continue reading

Thrifty Tricks for Using Your Smart Phone While Travelling

Even though I have a Pinterest board dedicated to Travel Apps for Kids & Families, I have a confession to make.. I don’t use travel apps very often. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have an iPhone (yet), or perhaps it’s … Continue reading

Snapshot: The Swiss Castles of Bellinzona with Kids

On Tuesday, I told you all about our time in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, on our way back to Germany from a totally rad two weeks in Italy last summer.  Apparently, order isn’t very important to me this week because I’m sharing … Continue reading

How We Found Ourselves in Love with Touristy Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber… It’s in all the guidebooks (even Rick Steeves!), often touted as the most charming city along the Romantic Road.  Anything I’ve ever read about the place has made me want to go. right. now. But, the … Continue reading