Where We’ve Been… Since 2010

Cinque Terre Seoul Brugge Florence Swiss Alps Brussels Lucca Rothenburg Antwerp San Gimignano Koenigssee Amsterdam Siena Berchtesgaden Keukenhof Pisa Zurich (Jucker Farm) Mainau Tuscan Hill Towns Jeju Island Bulgaria Milan Luxembourg Hamburg Berlin Prague Konstanz Strasbourg Karlovy Vary Basel Colmar … Continue reading

Four Tips for Planning a Travel Itinerary with Kids

I am often asked for tips on how to put together an itinerary when traveling with kids, so this is the beginning of a new series of Tips & Guides to Traveling with Kids.  Below, I’ve outlined a few basic … Continue reading

Booking German (Deutsche Bahn) Train Tickets Online

Help for travelers and traveling families traveling by train in Germany Are you planning a trip to Germany and need to get around by train?  Then this post is for you! The German rail system is excellent, and most of … Continue reading

Thrifty Travel Mama – 2012 – A Year in Review

Whew!  2012 has been a wild ride, full of experiences and surprises.  “Year in Review” posts are all the rage in the blogosphere, so despite my inclinations to do the opposite, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. In January, I went … Continue reading

TripAdvisor Forums: Your Best Friend in Planning Travel with Kids

Want to know where the best playgrounds are in Berlin?  How about if the streets of Rome are stroller-friendly?  Wondering what to do with a 12-hour layover in Seoul?  Are shops closed on Sundays in Prague? You could Google all … Continue reading