Disposable Baby Diapers in Germany

Thrifty Travel Mama | Expat Life - DiapersSeveral weeks ago, I gave you a snapshot of the options for jarred baby food in Germany.  But eventually all that food is going to come out the other end, and you might want to be in the know about what kind of products we have here to cover your (baby’s) bum.

In short, the two main disposable diaper options in Germany are Pampers and generic store brands.  I have never seen Huggies diapers (only a strange, stray box of DRY wipes), nor do we have Luvs or Seventh Generation.IMG_0107 copyThe diapers are sized similarly, but the weight ranges are in kilograms.  Whatever US diaper size your baby wears (1,2,3,4,5,6) will most likely be the same in Germany.  IMG_0101 copyIMG_0102 copyIMG_0103 copyIMG_0099 copyIMG_0106 copyAs for cost, I did a quick comparison of the German Pampers prices with the American Pampers prices on diapers.com, no sales or coupons.  When you convert euros to dollars, the diapers work out to be about the same price in both countries.

If you’re looking to save some money, the generic disposable diapers at dm are actually of decent quality.  Grocery stores like Lidl and Aldi also sell store brand diapers, but I would only use these in a pinch except for the Lidl pullups which are similar in quality to the dm ones.IMG_0100 copyWe used Pampers diapers for all three boys (including Big Foot who was born here in Germany) when they were newborns, and then switched to generic diapers once they hit size 3 (except for when we used cloth diapers which I really, really miss).  On any given day, you can find dm diapers on Big Foot’s bum, and we have personally used the dm pullups as well.  IMG_0093 copyIMG_0095 copyIMG_0096 copySpeaking of pullups, the options for underwear-style diapers are the dm ones I mentioned and Pampers Easy-Ups.  For older children, DryNites are also available.IMG_0098 copyIMG_0091 copyIMG_0105 copyFor those that want to go a more environmentally friendly route, dm also sells chlorine-free diapers.  They are cheaper than Pampers and a little more expensive than the generic dm brand.IMG_0109 copyAnd, for summer and trips to the pool, dm sells their own brand of swim diapers.  I haven’t seen any Pampers swim diapers, but they may be lurking in large grocery stores that I rarely visit.IMG_0097 copyThough we have less choice than in America, I think this actually makes diapering decisions easier.  I’ll take three decent options over fifteen mediocre ones any day.

Have you tried disposable diapers in Germany or elsewhere outside the US?  What was your experience?Signature-Marigold

Oktoberfest Pull-Ups

If the saying goes, “It’s always five o’clock somewhere,” then can it also be said, “It’s always Oktoberfest somewhere?”


Well, whatever.  It’s still Oktoberfest here.  At least when it comes to fashionable pull-ups, that is.

DESIGN EDITION pull-ups. Whoa.

I had to chuckle when I saw these Bavarian knickers at the drugstore.  I’ve never seen any special designs on diapers here, let alone pull-ups.  And Oktoberfest isn’t even a big deal in our area.

Bavarian toilet training fashion.

You gotta love the little dirndls and lederhosen adorning these disposable skivvies.  But my son’s favorite part?  The extra large pretzel splashed across the butt.  No need to write, “Juicy.”  A picture’s worth more than even one word.

Soft pretzel backsides make these pull-ups a little too cool.


Diary of a Potty Training Mama – Part II

Day 4 – Looking for a new normal.

I’m still in the trenches fighting for freedom from diapers.  I’ve got poop on my pants (not my own, mind you) but a smile on my face.  It’s working!

We’re past the boot camp phase; we’re no longer pumping Screech full of liquids and watching him volley them back to us bucket in hand.  It’s now time to make notes of every time he drinks, how much he drinks, when he puts his presents in the potty, if he misses and puts the presents on the floor instead, and any other data mildly of interest.

Why do we make a log of such personal details?  We’re looking for patterns in order to establish a new schedule.  Things such as I most likely have 45 minutes between the first drink of milk at breakfast and the first trip to the potty to cram laundry in the washer, dump food in the crockpot, shove breakfast down my own piehole or any other task requiring me to focus my attention somewhere other than little boy parts.

I need to know how many trips to the potty usually occur between lunch and the time I need to strap the little man in the stroller and jog on over to pick up T-Rex from school.  I need to know whether there are fewer trips to the potty in the morning or in the afternoon, so I can schedule play dates and make sure I don’t go totally nuts fighting this out.

And how is Screech doing in all this?  Absolutely fan-spankin’-tastic.  All liquids yesterday and today (so far) have made it into the blue IKEA plastic, at least half of the time on his own initiative.  As for the solids?  Well, we’re working on it.

Every day brings us closer to bye bye Pampers, hello Hanes.  God help us, I think we’re gonna make it!

Diary of a Potty Training Mama

Day 1 – Boot Camp.

Am I really doing this again?  Potty training was one of the most agonizing times during T-Rex’s toddlerhood.  And now, here I am, right in the thick of it again with Screech.

I know, I know.  You’re thinking, “Wait, isn’t he like not even two yet?  Isn’t that too early?”  Maybe.  It all depends on the child and culture and life circumstances.

Doc Sci and I decided to give it a go with T-Rex at 19 months.  To be honest, I completely expected it to fail.  I simply wanted to say that I tried when I had the chance before Screech was born.  Instead, it worked.  Brilliantly.  I won’t say it was a miracle or that he learned overnight.  But, oh heavens I was glad not to have to change (or buy diapers for) two boys.

Now we are at it again.  With our Bulgaria trip behind us and no immediate travel plans for the next month or so, it’s time.  Screech has been interested in “pee pee” for quite some time now.  So, why do I dread it?  It’s just so.. well, boring.

We do the naked $80 method: the child runs around naked for a weekend and the $80 is to get your carpets cleaned.  I actually think this is going to be way easier in Germany.  For starters, we don’t have carpet that can’t be rolled up and put away.  Also, it’s totally acceptable for children to pee almost anywhere outdoors.  Score for saving $80!

Sunday brought some really awful rainstorms.  In fact, I saw my first severe weather advisory since moving here.  Since we all had no choice but to stay inside, Doc Sci and I decided to go for it.  Off went the diaper, in went the liquids, out came the pee.  Lots and lots of pee.  Every 5-10 minutes.  I’m pretty sure it’s not in line with German green standards to be going through multiple rolls of paper towels and toilet paper in one day.

We must have hit the timing nail on the head.  By the afternoon, Screech was already starting to realize what was going on.  In fact, several times, he stopped playing, walked over to the potty, sat down, and went.  That’s HUGE.  For Day 1, I couldn’t ask for more.

The biggest annoyance for me is having to follow my son around, potty in hand, keeping an eye on you-know-what, ready at any moment to catch what’s coming.  Thank goodness my boys still take a long afternoon nap and go to bed at 730pm.  Otherwise, I might go stark raving mad.  I know this isn’t the way it’s going to be forever; but a few days of this could give even the biggest home body a case of cabin fever.

I did so much research the first time I potty trained.  This time, I haven’t even so much as consulted Google.  I feel so out of practice, but the reality is I have so little time.  I’m simply hoping that my memory, my husband’s help, and the example of the cool older brother T-Rex will all work in Screech’s favor, and we’ll have this one in the bag ASAP.

For now, things are going well.  Screech looks genuinely excited and proud when he has a success.  I love that he is satisfied simply with our smiles and high fives as reward.  And I’m thankful to encourage him in this way.  Every day, a little bit more progress.  A little bit more freedom.

Or so I hope!