Travelzoo Wednesday

On Saturday, I received a BOGO train ticket coupon in the mail!  I did not even know that Deutsche Bahn gave those out.  And neither did my German friend.  Maybe it’s a fake!  Oh no, that would be bad.  I really, really want to use it.

The only catch is it has to be used by June 15, so I am itching to find a deal to go with this hot little thing in my hands.  Travelzoo, darling, do you have anything wonderful for me today?

Travelzoo Top 20 – US Edition

$59 & up San Francisco Fare Sale from Cities Nationwide : Well, I don’t think I’m gonna get to San Francisco from Germany via train.  But maybe you will get there by plane!  Watch out though.  As the weather in SF gets better, the hotel prices get higher.

$81 & up Summer Weekends at Nationwide Hotels +$75 Rebate : However, maybe you can find a Crowne Plaza and make your own California getaway package.  But if you do, you’ll have to take me.  By train and by plane.

Travelzoo Top 20 – UK Edition

£299 All-Inc Marrakesh Holiday in Brand-New 5-Star Resort : The UK edition always has the best all-inclusive deals.  I guess those Brits just really must to be in to that sort of thing.  I would like them to offer this deal from Frankfurt.  Please.  Pretty please?

£51 Luxury Thai Island Beach Resort w/Upgrade, 43% Off: Just in case you’re not sweating your brains out where you’re currently at, you can go to Thailand and melt away in a luxury resort.  Combine this hotel offer with £399 Flights to Bangkok from London (Return).

Travelzoo Top 20 – Germany Edition

99 € – Mainz City Hotel, Dinner & Train Ticket, 40% OFF : Always take note whether the price is per night or per person.  And, find out if children are considered “people” or not =).  This is a good deal for me if the kids are free.

€ 99 Break in the 4.5 *- hotel in the country with Bike & Dinner “The Cleve Hotel Rilano : Unfortunately, this falls outside the dates of my BOGO voucher, but it’s just the kind of thing my boys would like.  Ah well, keep on looking!  The right deal is out there.

Travelzoo Wednesday

Have you made summer vacation plans yet?  Nice work, go-getters.  Slackers, read on.  It’s Travelzoo Wednesday!

Travelzoo Top 20 – US Edition

$39 & up Memorial Day Weekend Fare Sale (each way) : Memorial Day?  What’s Memorial Day?  Man, I am so out of the USA holidays loop!

$89 Vegas: Hard Rock Spa Day incl. Bubbly (Reg. $215) : Everything on this week’s US top 20 seems to be $$$$.  Yes, they are all great deals, but not many good weekend or family-oriented deals.  Two of the twenty are from Vegas.  If you happen to be there or going soon, check out this deal as well as $55 Vegas: 6 Cirque du Soleil Shows up to Half Off.

Travelzoo Top 20 – UK Edition

£399 Flash Sale: Fly London to Australia for £1 Plus Tax : If you’ve got 21 days to hang out in Australia (the minimum stay), this deal cannot be beat!  Only 100 seats are available today from 10am (UK time), and the same again tomorrow.

£89 Early Summer Algarve Escape inc Flights & Hotel : For less than the cost of a hotel room for one night, you can get three nights plus flights (from the UK) to Portugal.  Too bad they do not include any airports in Germany!

Travelzoo Top 20 – Germany Edition

89-99 – short trip to the Castle Hotel in Lower Saxony, -55% : This is a per person rate for two nights, but it includes breakfast daily, bike rental, spa entrance, and more!  It’s a bit far by train from me, but it’s definitely a deal to keep in mind, provided I don’t have to pay per person for the boys (always check!).

from 179 € – 4-day city tours with train & 5 *- Hotel : Something I didn’t know before I moved to Germany is that train travel is not cheap.  It is possible to get deals with early booking and discount cards.  But, it can still be loads and heaps of euros to travel this way.  This deal includes second class rail tickets (kids travel free until they are 14 on German trains!), which alone could cost 120 or more euros.  Additionally, five star hotel accommodations are included for three nights.  Sweet!

Travelzoo Wednesday

On Tuesday, I found out all sorts of crazy things about what it’s like to go to the dentist in Germany.  But, I don’t want to tell you.  Nope, sorry.  I don’t want to relive it.

Especially the part where the hygienist used some high-fa-lootin’ contraption to clean my teeth that sounded AND felt exactly like the drill the dentist used twenty minutes prior to take the trash out.  The real kicker is she didn’t actually get my teeth clean.  And she charged me for it.

Nope, I do not wanna talk about that.  Not one bit.

Nor do I want to tell you about my visit to the dermatologist to make sure no inky black spots are hitching a ride on my epidermis.  Some things are better hushed and whispered in person.  (No, she didn’t find any.)

It’s a cryin’ shame but I think I spent my month’s travel budget yesterday on co-pays and fees.  Medical ones.  Icky, yucky, blecky.  Yep, I know that last one is totally not a word.

But, I also found out yesterday that we get to go to Hamburg next week to tag along with Doc Sci to a conference.  Aaaaaand we are going to the US very, very, very soon.

I will finally make it out of my city this year.  Just you wait!

Travelzoo Top 20 – US Edition

$96 & up Mountain & Beach Resorts 65% Off; Sale Ends 4/1 : I admit, this is definitely a luxury deal.  But how about splurging on a nice weekend away for the same price you’d probably pay for a Courtyard hotel room?  If this deal is for you, don’t forget to book by Friday!

$199 & up Europe Spring Fares in 3-Day Sale; Save $150 : Now, don’t get too excited about this price.  It’s one way and doesn’t include taxes or fees.  But, this special link allows you to take $150 off any flight on BA from the US, worldwide.  It’s at least worth a click and a look.

Travelzoo Top 20 – UK Edition

£669 & up Ends Thu: Australia Seat Sale w/5-Star Airline : Cathay Pacific is the 5-Star airline; the £669 price is to Perth.  Only slightly more for Melbourne or Sydney.  Finally some summer (well, in London anyway) fares are being released!

£129 London B&B Spring Stay w/Fizz, Save £100 : I’m not including this for the spectacular price (though it may be).  I just thought you all might want to learn that champagne is called fizz by the Brits.  Amazing – learn something new every day, even if that something doesn’t actually further your intelligence.

Travelzoo Top 20 – Germany Edition

€ 99 New opening: 40 sqm apartment in Berlin, 50% OFF : I’ve been scouring the deal pages for something like this in Hamburg.  No such luck.  Maybe I should go to Berlin instead!

from 218 € Amsterdam City Trip including hotel & air : There was a time when I would’ve thought this deal wasn’t so great.  That was before I realized it can cost almost a hundred euros per person to travel by train across Germany.  That’s a chunk of change just to get somewhere.  Never mind getting back.  Or sleeping, eating, or exploring.  The Netherlands in early summer?  Yes, please!

Travelzoo Wednesday

We’ve had a week that’s just nutso.  Totally.  Completely.  Off-the-wall.  And it’s not done yet.

I had three kindergarten/daycare interviews scheduled in three days.  Doc Sci has a work deadline coming up.  T-Rex has a field trip.  Screech is getting his second haircut ever, and it’s going to be the first time either of the boys has had someone other than mama or daddy hold the scissors.  I just cannot keep that boy, er I mean his hair, contained.

Oh yeah and there’s a Lidl discount sale and a kids flohmarkt, both on the same day.

And we ordered a new washer.

And now I would like a vacation.  Travelzoo, let’s see what you’ve got.

Travelzoo Top 20 – US Edition

$599 Cabo: 4-Night Stay in Luxurious Villa, Save $900 : Anything 50% off or more is a good deal; this sounds like even better than good!  Now, you will have to get yourself to Cabo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a good deal turned up on airfare as well.  I’m always a fan of a place with an extra bedroom for the kiddos and a kitchen.

$29 & up Easter Weekend Fares on Sale (each way) : I’ve already got my Easter tickets (yay!) but if you don’t, go on a hunt at

Travelzoo Top 20 – UK Edition

£15 Top Seats to ‘Cinderella’ Ballet in London, Reg £65 : If you’re a dude and men in tights is not your thing, suck it up.  This is a great deal.  Find a dame and make a date.

£10 & up Bank Holiday Bonanza: Deals Cut by up to 70% : With an unprecedented number of bank holidays grouped together between 22 April and 2 May, it’s now possible to take just three days off work to get 11 days of holiday. Most holiday companies have hiked their prices sky-high, but our team of deal experts has found a stack of last-minute travel and entertainment deals, all valid over the popular bank holiday period.  Here are Travelzoo’s top picks to help you make the most of your days off. The best part about it is you don’t have to be British to take advantage of these deals!

Travelzoo Top 20 – Germany Edition

89 € – Kurfürstendamm hotel with sausage, to 57% Off : Oh man gracious.  Only in Germany is sausage (currywurst) an incentive to stay at a hotel!  As for me, I’m not the mystery meat type.  I’d rather hang out in the Finnish sauna thankyouverymuch.

from 369 € – long distance flights to Africa & Asia-Special, 200 € OFF : It doesn’t say in the title but this special is for Emirates Airlines.  Ever since I heard from a friend that their economy class is nicer than most airlines’ business class (and they have some amazing industry ratings), I’ve been trying to work out how to get myself onboard.  The text doesn’t say whether or not this is a roundtrip price, but I’d guess not.  Unfortunately, I am looking to go to Seoul in August (this deal runs through June), so this deal isn’t for me.  Boo.

Travelzoo Wednesday

We have snow here again.  I don’t know if it’s the cold or just that I haven’t seen any good deals lately, but I am just not motivated to venture far from home at the moment.  All I wanna do is hang out in my pj’s and watch movies.  Yep, a great way to spend your life, I know.

Can I also just make a little aside here?  Of course I can.  It’s my blog.  Duh.

Our city has tons of travel agencies.  Maybe Germans use agents a lot.  I have no idea.  But, that’s not the subject of my side note.  I wanted to mention that one of these little offices on the main drag here has had a sign out for the past week (or more) advertising trips to Tunisia.

Really?  Really?!

I am pretty isolated from the media blitz about the craziness in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  I don’t know anything unless I make a choice to look at the news in English online.  But even I know that Tunisia is not on anyone’s Top 10 Tourist Destinations for February 2011 list.  Deal or no deal.

Okay, back to regularly scheduled programming.  And if we could get a side of spring weather that does not freeze back up into a winter whirlwind, I’d like to supersize it.  Please.

Travelzoo Top 20 – US Edition

$349 Curacao ‘Glamorous’ Beach Vacation incl. Air : I’m not sure how glamorous sweating it up at a resort in the Caribbean in the middle of summer might be.. but then again, I think the price and the extras are supposed to make up for the heat you’ll encounter.  Cheapest flights are from Miami but other departures from the eastern USA are available for an extra fee.

$20 New Orleans: Mardi Gras Grandstand Pass incl. Food : If you’re into Mardi Gras, check out this deal.  It’s 50% off the normal price and includes pizza or pasta.  Now, if you could just get yourself a good deal on a hotel room…

Travelzoo Top 20 – UK Edition

£35 & up easyJet Launches New Routes (Return) : I don’t live in the UK but this link has inspired me to check easyJet to see if there are any new routes from my departure city.  If you are flexible with your dates and able to fly with only carry-on luggage, easyJet can be a super cheap way to get around Europe.

£299 Northern Cyprus Summer Break w/Free Half Board : I see deals like this all the time but it’s hard for me to know if it’s just the price that’s good, or if the whole deal is good.  For instance, is this even a scenic/interesting/fun place to visit?  Is the hotel a total dump?  What’s the free breakfast and dinner taste like?  Are there options?  Will my kids be charged?  Always ask questions and do your homework before booking!

Travelzoo Top 20 – Germany Edition

€ 199 4 days city trip to Vienna flight, -80 € “Binoli – holiday with Emirates :I love Vienna, and four days is perfect.  But I want to see something new.  Ahhh, Vienna, why tempt me with such a deal?

€ 699 – Italy: 4 *- week on Ischia with many extras : Right now, we don’t have a whole week to spare for vacation.  But, if we did, I’d be researching this offer right now (for things such as I listed on the Cyprus deal above).  This deal includes flights, hotel, transfers, half board (breakfast and dinner), entrance to a thermal pool complex, etc.  Sweeeeet!



Travelzoo Wednesday

I’ve been a lotta Mama and too little Travel lately.  Ever since we decided to stay in Germany through at least the end of 2011 and perhaps even into 2012, we’ve needed to take some time and make this place home.  I’ve now got stuff on the walls, new friendships in the works, and my balcony is finally cleared off and ready to be used come weather just a smidgen warmer.

But, it’s time.  I need to plan some day and weekend trips.  Let’s see if Travelzoo has anything for us this week.

(p.s. – I can’t always get to the Top 20 every Wednesday.  If you visit on Wednesday and don’t see it here, hop/skip/jump over to, click on your edition, and then on the Top 20 icon.)

Travelzoo Top 20 – US Edition

$299 — China & Japan Sale from Across the U.S. (each way) : Whoa, Nelly!  The dates on this are pretty restrictive (you can only go between now and the end of March and must return by the end of April) but man alive, this is a great deal.  Book by Friday!

$41 & up St. Patrick’s Fares to Boston, Chicago & Dublin :  You don’t need to be Irish to take part in this fare sale!

Travelzoo Top 20 – UK Edition

£42 Costa Del Sol Hotel w/Seaview Upgrade : EasyJet flies to Malaga and if I could manage to snag myself one of the €20/person/way flights, this would be a super cheap weekend in the south of Spain.  It is a bit far from the next village so I’m guessing a car would be necessary, but maybe if I become German enough I’d only need a bike.

£58 Boutique Strasbourg, Alsace, Hotel w/Free Drink : Strasbourg is on the list of weekend and/or day trips.  I’d like to stay and explore but man alive this place has expensive hotels.  This seemed decent until I read you can only have one child under 12 in the room with parents.  Though they might thoroughly enjoy themselves, my boys are not old enough to live it up all night long by themselves in their own hotel room.

Travelzoo Top 20 – Germany Edition

€ 89 – 4.5 *- Hotel & Waterpark in Stralsund, -40% : This is a fantastic deal but a bit far for us.  Included in the deal are two nights hotel, two breakfasts, and passes to the water park.  Valid through April 30.

Travelzoo Wednesday

It’s a cryin’ shame when you have to spend your travel money on doctor visits and horse-pill penicillin.  I’m now on round three and totally determined NOT to go the whole twelve rounds.  I’ve got countries to see and friends to visit.

Oh and German to learn.  That would really help things.  Things like trying to make an appointment to see a doctor.  Or  understanding what kind of crazy phrases your three year-old brings home.  Nothin’ like not knowing what your child is saying to make you feel old.  And dumb.  Dumb, da dumb dumb, duuuumb!

Have a trip coming up?  Don’t be dumb yourself.  Always check Travelzoo first!

Travelzoo Top 20 – US Edition

$89 & up Weekends on Sale at Marriotts Nationwide : On the surface, this may not seem like a great deal.  But, always dig down and look at the details.  Stay a weekend now, get a $100 voucher for later AND a $100 voucher toward round-trip airfare.  If you have Marriott reward points, then you’re really raking in a deal.

$599 Alaska 7-Night Cruise incl. $150 Credit : I’m no expert on cruises or on going to Alaska.  But this deal is half off, includes holiday travel, and beings/ends at the same port.  If you book by Friday, you will receive a $150 on-board credit.  Too bad this is pretty much halfway around the world from me!

Travelzoo Top 20 – UK Edition

£47 Learn to Be a Spy, £52 Off :  Have you ever wanted to be a spy?  It’s been my secret career aspiration since I was 10 and read every Nancy Drew (and Hardy Boys!) book on the planet.  Unfortunately, it turns out that I’m a bit too rational and not daring enough.  But half a day of running around with a fake-bullet gun and eluding fake bad guys sounds like a good time to me.  Cannot be younger than 16 or older than 70 (!).  Travelzoo comes up with some of the coolest stuff.  Ha!

£53 Central Malaga Hotel w/Free Tapas, Half Price : Easyjet has advertisements all over my city for €25 flights to Malaga.  Before moving to Germany, I had never even heard of Malaga.  But, it’s in Spain (never been there), it’s warm (hoorah!), and now, it’s cheap.  Rock on!

Travelzoo Top 20 – Germany Edition

from 89 € Half price: Worldwide Flight Sale from 10 Airports on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and from 446 €
Nonstop in 6 U.S. cities, 35% OFF »Lufthansa
: I’ve got a trip to the US a brewin’.  I now have four airlines to choose from with great sale fares.  Visitors – heads up – Spring is a great time to visit Germany!

from 551 € Corfu holiday in a family room with children’s discount : This may or may not be a good deal, depending on your style of travel.  Big bonus: kids get a separate bedroom attached to the parents room.  The deal includes flights and half board (breakfast and dinner).  There’s also mention of a kids’ club.  But note that you will still have to pay up to €299 for the first child and 25% of the adult price for an additional child.  But if you like one-stop travel shopping and laying around on the beach in Greece, well, then, this deal might just be for you.

Travelzoo Wednesday

Man oh man oh man oh man!  This is the winter of sicknesses for us.  Goodbye (hopefully) strep throat, hello.. pneumonia?!  Sheesh.  I hope this is the last of the late-night freakouts and how-can-we-get-to-the-hospital-without-a-car-in-the-middle-of-the-night thoughts.  Please, God!

On the good news side of things, we’re staying!  Well, not like forever.  I don’t think.  Doc Sci asked for and received an extension on his current contract.  So, we’ll be calling Germany home through the end of 2011 and perhaps even into 2012.  Yeehaw!

Now, let’s get down to finding deals or at least dreaming about using some of them…

Travelzoo Top 20 – US Edition

$29 & up West Coast & Midwest Fare Sale (each way) : I told you last week about an international fare sale with American.  That’s before I read about their fist fights with Orbitz, Expedia, and Sabre.  Seems like AA is really trying to have a go at being a lone ranger, selling the best fares from their website only.

$54 Williamsburg 2-Bedroom Suite incl. Weekends : I’ve never been to Williamsburg but this sounds like a fantastic deal and a good family-friendly destination.  If you’re within driving distance, this could make for a very cheap weekend getaway.

Travelzoo Top 20 – UK Edition

£15 & up Paris to Belgium, Holland & Germany by Train : I love traveling by train.  It’s good for kids too as long as the journey isn’t too long.  And at this price?  Well, we may just get over to BeNeLux yet.

£299 5-Star All-Inclusive Greek Island Break : It’s Greece, it’s warm, it’s cheap, and it has a children’s club.  Need I say more?

Travelzoo Top 20 – Germany Edition

from 149 € – Worldwide Spring flights from Munich to 50% OFF : We’re looking to go home some time this spring.  Though Munich isn’t my first choice, price is my main concern.  It’s definitely worth a look.  And if you happen to be going from Munich to Australia any time soon, you can have a look at another flight deal.  I didn’t see much else on the Germany list.  Bummer yo.

Travelzoo Wednesday

It’s a new year and a new edition of Travelzoo Wednesday!  Unfortunately, both Doc Sci and I are still feeling yucky.  We managed to get him to the doctor who is running some tests.  I’m not excited about the prospects discussed, so let’s see if Travelzoo can brighten my day (and yours).

But, if you’ve hung around TTM for any length of time, you’ll know that things seldom go as planned.  Travelzoo’s server is totally jammed, so the best I could do was access the Top 20 Lists.  I’ve given you my top picks below with a disclaimer – I haven’t actually read any of them!   Happy bargain hunting!

Top 20 – US Edition

NYC: 4 Cocktails w/Tapas at New W Lounge (Reg. $108)

Balcony Cabin on 7-Night Bahamas Cruise, Half Off

Suite at Las Vegas 5-Star Hotel w/$50 Spa Credit

San Diego Waterfront Hotel, 45% Off

Top 20 – UK Edition

‘Jersey Boys’ West End Show inc Free Dinner :

Lake District Mini Break w/Meals & Upgrade, 50% Off


Top 20 – Germany Edition

USA: Flight Ticket Sale in 7 cities

One-way flights to Riga from 6 airports

Travelzoo Wednesday

We were invited to celebrate the last candle of Hanukkah today with our Israeli neighbors.  Now T-Rex is shouting, “Happy Hanukkah!!” over and over again.  He wanted to know where the cake was.  In his little world, candles mean cake.   Lots of sleep-depriving, sugar-high-inducing cake.  Sorry, little fella.  No cake.  Just donuts.  I’m not quite sure what’s worse.

Top 20 – US Edition

Caribbean All-Inclusive Beach Resort at 90% Off : I’m not very beachy, but I think I could get used to this… “Guests get VIP status with access to a private beach area where waiters deliver top-shelf drinks to guests lounging in sun beds or soaking in Jacuzzis.”  Book by Dec. 10.

Dublin Fare from Orlando; 2nd Person Flies for $119 : Listen up Florida folk!  What a deal to fly nonstop to Dublin.  And, I can’t even remember the last time I saw a companion fare deal.  I must have been like 12 or something.  If you want in on this, you’d better hurry.  Book by tomorrow (Dec. 9).

Ireland in Spring: 6 Nights in Castles, from Orlando : If you’re more of a package deal kinda gal (or guy), try this one.  It includes a rental car (extra for automatic) which is important in Ireland.  I thought Ireland was a relaxed, family-friendly destination.  You should too.

Disney World Family Package w/Passes & Meals for 4 : Maybe you’re more of a stay-at-home kind.  This seems like an excellent deal, but I can’t tell you that for sure from personal experience.  I love that this includes food – but you’ll have to get to Orlando on your own.

Top 20 – UK Edition

Portugal: Ritz-Carlton’s Hotel in Sintra, Half Price : This is the day for surprises, for sure.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a two-digit number next to the words “Ritz-Carlton.”  Now, if I could only figure out if there was anything to do 25 mins from Lisbon.  Well, other than hang out in the spa, that is.  Thrifty Travel Mama’s don’t go to spas unless they get a deal!

Europe on a Shoestring: 7 Countries in 12 Days : This is not a deal for mamas or daddys traveling with kids.  This probably isn’t even a deal for mamas traveling without kids.  It’s an I-wish-I-were-still-24-again or a this-is-the-only-time-I-will-ever-be-in-Europe-deal.  It makes me tired just looking at it.  But, it might be for you.  No judgment.  No worries.

Top 20 – Germany Edition

29 € – Fish Pedicure & Foot Care in Berlin, -57% : Travelzoo exposes me to things I wouldn’t ordinarily know exist.  Here we have a prime example.  This is totally creepy.  You stick your feet in an aquarium where small fish eat away at the dead skin cells on your feet.  Gag.  Gross.

from 339 € – Greece in the 4.5 *- Hotel & half board : One reason I check the different Travelzoo editions is because the deals are totally different.  You don’t find deals in the US Edition that include meals.  Like, um, ever.  So if you are going to Europe and want to get some meals included, don’t use the US site.