Trip Report: Berlin Part 2

And now for the Berlin stuff we thought was nicht sehr gut…

Checkpoint Charlie

This is a Berlin visitor staple, I know.  BUT, if you’re visiting with tots, especially with a stroller, forget it.  The museum is quite small and cramped (though apparently very interesting).  Also, the famous sign is outside the museum, and you can see the escape car through a big window (albeit you cannot see the hidden compartment).

The price of admission is a bit on the expensive side if you’re going to be rushed around chasing kids.  Good to know: the museum does have a WC in the basement, and it’s free.

This is the famous side of the sign outside Checkpoint Charlie.

In true American commercialized fashion, you can pay to have your picture taken with these dressed up dudes and then super size yourself at the Golden Arches across the street.

Oranienstraße Walk

I’ve heard Berlin is full of colorful, vibrant, extreme people and cultures, so I wanted a glimpse.  Many books and websites mentioned that Oranienstraße was a great place for observing this phenomenon.  Well, apparently, all the interesting people were asleep at 11am on Saturday morning.  I think any ride on the U-bahn could give you a better picture than a stroll down this street.

Onkel Albert Kinder Cafe

I had read that Berlin is full of kid-friendly places, one of which is the kinder cafe.  The idea is simple – you hang out at the cafe while your kids play.  I only had the opportunity to hit up one while I was there.  My first impression of Onkel Alberg was that it was small and cramped and would only be good if the weather happened to be awful that day.  Since it was sunny and a park was located just around the corner, I decided to forgo the 1 euro/kid entrance fee.  I spent that money at Balzac Coffee (a German Starbucks rip-off) instead!


All the guidebooks proclaim the interesting wonders of the KaDaWe.  Well, it’s just an overpriced fancy schmancy department store to me.  Yes, it’s a gazillion stories.  Yes, the food floor is huge.  But it’s more of a gourmet eatery with shelves of products here and there than it is an uppity grocery store.  The American section was great for a laugh, but we held onto our euros (seven euro for a small bottle of Newman’s Own salad dressing?).  I didn’t visit the kids’ merchandise section, but that might be the only part of this store I’d breathe easy with two boys.

EACH CAN costs two euro. Whoa.

9 euro Pop Tarts anyone?

U-Bahn Accessibility

The U-Bahn is fast.  It’s convenient.  But, it’s a downright headache if you have to exit at a station that doesn’t have a lift / elevator.  Some have escalators (I have figured out how to take my Phil & Teds up and down – shhh I know it’s verboten), but others only have stairs.  When Doc Sci attended his conference, I found myself at the mercy of passersby.  Wheelchair users, beware.

Late for the train.

Train Ride

Whooooa Nelly, it’s a long way to Berlin.  Over six hours on a train with two boys under the age of 4.  Bring food.  And a DVD player.  And a bucket load of patience.  That’s my story.  The end.

I waited until the crazies reached their max in a little boy wrestling match…

… and then I whipped out the Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Screech was so tired from waking up at 5am and being a nutcase on the train that he spent his first hours in Berlin passed out in style.

Headed to Berlin?  Find more posts about this awesome German city here.Signature-Marigold

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