The 2012 Thankful List

Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s Turkey Day for Americans, regular life for everyone else.  While you are saying thanks for your food, I’m praying I don’t spill the turkey brine all over the baby.  And that I can find pecans.  Seriously, Germany, what do you have against the best tasting nut out there?

To tide you over until I can recap this year’s Thanksgiving adventure, I give you, dear reader, my 2012 Thankful List.  In no particular order.  As usual.

  • Electricity, heat, light, clean water, food, and that rockets are not raining down on my home..  Seriously.  Maybe I should just stop here.
  • A feast to feed my family and friends.. and food to fill my freezer.  I know this is along the same lines as the first item, but it bears repeating.
  • A beautiful (handsome?), happy and healthy new baby.. despite the horror of his arrival.
  • Hearty boys.. who already eat more pancakes than we do.
  • Our families.. and especially for the time our boys got to spend with their Grandpa before his time was up.
  • Great grandmothers.. T-Rex and Screech had the privilege of visiting both of them this year.
  • Germany’s laws.. allowing (partially paid!) paternal leave for fathers.
  • Kindergarten.. for allowing me some (mostly) quiet alone time each day with Big Foot.
  • Our new car.. so that I do not have to bring the turkey home on my bike or a Christmas tree on the bus.
  • A kid-free trip to Milan, Italy, for my birthday.. I’m still relishing this rare treat Doc Sci and I had earlier this year.
  • Our dryer.. which makes it possible to wash and dry baby barf bedecked clothing in hours, not days.
  • Three boys and not three girls.. especially when I see all that they have to put on for winter (tights, jeans, boots, leg warmers, skirt, dress, mittens, ear muffs, hat, coat, scarf, mink, fur, poodle, ai yi yi!) and all that they don’t wear in summer.
  • T-Rex is learning to write.. which is so (so!!) cool.
  • My new language conversation partner.. who has agreed to sit through a constant stream of language errors for an hour and a half.  And come back the next week.  Of her own free will.  Without any sort of bribe, monetary or otherwise.
  • The internet.. though it might sound stupid, without it I could not have this blog, plan trips, research, translate, keep in touch, or get to know you.  Though it often gets a bad rap for being impersonal, the internet makes my world just a little bit smaller and home just a little bit closer.

What are you thankful for this year?

2 thoughts on “The 2012 Thankful List

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